The future on Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is changing the marketing industry. It has become a trend that is affecting the way marketers do business. AI is being used in a variety of ways to help marketers with their work, such as providing insights and data analysis, informing them about trends, and helping them create personalized messages for customers.

In this article, you will enter the world of artificial intelligence and learn a little more about it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI has been around since the 1950s when the first computers were programmed to play chess. In recent years, AI has become more advanced, with chatbots and voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa becoming mainstream.

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the behavior of robots or machines resembling human behavior. This is achieved thanks to different disciplines such as cognitive sciences and logic. Of course, only experts can achieve these results, because too many advanced codes (algorithms) are used, you know very well how computational systems work and how they are managed.

It is not easy but it is not impossible either.

Does artificial intelligence matter?

The answer is, of course.

Nowadays there are countless amounts of data generated every day, either through the internet or by people and sometimes it is difficult to make decisions depending on these same data, as well as to understand and interpret them. Artificial intelligence is the future of any decision-making.

Let’s give you a clear example: you are playing Chinese checkers against one of your friends, of course, you could not find out among the millions of possibilities that the other player has to beat him simply. That is why it is too easy to just investigate or ask your computer which are the combinations you could use to reach your goal, which is to beat your opponent without any pressure whatsoever.

This is an example in the entertainment area, now imagine labor issues, learning something new is always present since the digital world is in constant movement. 

How do we use AI in digital marketing?

As we mentioned before, digital marketing is in a process of constant updating, which is why the use of AI is essential to be able to take advantage of it at all times in the area of technology.

  • Instant messaging for businesses

The importance of having Messenger and WhatsApp as your brand’s main messaging medium cannot be overemphasized. This is to have totally direct communication with your customer and have higher quality advice.

Whatsapp Business is the best option due to the different accesses it gives you for automation. For example, welcome, reply, and/or absence messages.

In addition, automation helps to have better communication with customers.

In Facebook Messenger, you can make announcements with automated questions to get to know your potential customers even better. 

  • Image recognition

Google has now achieved this thanks to all the advances that continue to appear in technology. Image recognition is already included in Google Lens, Amazon, and Pinterest. 

This is a great opportunity for online sales. If a customer wants to search for a product without using names, you can do it by simply scanning the product.

  • Segmentation and interactivity

Adding to the list is interactive content marketing for a very well-segmented audience and good quality content.

How is this achieved through artificial intelligence? By understanding the user’s preference, personalizing content according to tastes, needs, and also interests. Optimizing what is necessary to increase marketing strategies and streamlining the timing of campaigns.

  • Relationship Marketing

It is focused above all on the relationship with the customer, having clear, precise, and effective communication, understanding all their needs, and clarifying all their doubts to have a positive response from them.

Artificial Intelligence improves the whole user experience, that is, the implementation of chatbots, so the customer will have a response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

This helps to understand the customer’s behavior and process all the information that the customer comes to give through the chatbots.

Top 4 most important companies in artificial intelligence

Here are the names of 4 international companies that have made it a priority to understand their customers and improve internal brand performance, thanks to AI.


This is one of the most important technology companies and due to the large amount of information that the technology company Apple handles, the organization makes use of big data in artificial intelligence to assimilate the huge volume of locations and maps generated by smartphones, cars that connect to the cloud or other devices. The company’s policy has always been to acquire other companies that bring added value in this aspect.

That is why in 2015 Apple bought Mapsense to improve its service based on the analysis of data generated by an infinite number of customers connecting simultaneously to the Internet. The company’s development is closely linked to training in the expert handling of new technologies and cutting-edge applications.


Facebook is a network where information moves every second depending on the user’s behavior in the network.

A clear example is the ads that appear in this app, if you are suddenly interested in buying a new phone, the system knows your searches and begins to show you what you want at that moment in a more personalized way according to your needs.

On the other hand, when you are going to post something on Facebook, now you can add a feeling, thanks to the update called: Sentiment Analysis, which focuses on how you are feeling at the moment you are making the publication, or what it generates.


Thanks to amazon’s artificial intelligence, it is easy to know what are the trends on the page, i.e. what people are looking for the most, direct the customer to the desired product and also add similar products so they can have more than one purchase option.

Both the page and the Amazon app have a customized design so that the customer feels at ease entering and buying within the applications.

It is also important to add that a virtual assistant (Alexa) is always accompanying you during your purchase process, ready to answer any question you have at the time, giving shopping tips, you just need to upload a photo of the desired product, and Alexa is responsible for finding something similar or the same.

Blabla Car

AI is definitely of utmost importance for these app. thousands of users contact drivers to request a ride. Thanks to constant updates, you can modify the route or see it in real-time using the map managed by the application. In addition to being a user-friendly platform, users can be guided by the opinions of other passengers who have been with a driver.

The relationship between artificial intelligence and digital marketing


Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in the marketing world through increasingly sophisticated technologies and tools.

But on the other hand, the idea of leaving aside human action or supervision is discarded, because no matter how technologically advanced it is, its intervention is still necessary and there is still a huge potential to be exploited.

Imagine having to calculate 90% of the data without the help of any technological tool, of course, it would be almost impossible for such an amount of data is impossible to process by a human: people have a finite capacity to define their marketing strategies and put them into action based on the information obtained.

AI systems, on the other hand, have an infinite capacity to process data and even carry out marketing actions. And in a more accurate, faster, and more economical way.

Incorporating artificial intelligence into the world of marketing allows better results to be achieved more quickly, freeing up a large part of marketers time, which they now spend on repetitive tasks with little added value. Thus, marketing teams will be able to focus on innovation and continuous improvement applied to their campaigns. 

Success stories of AI in Marketing

  1. Starbucks is a clear example of a brand that uses tools such as loyalty cards and its mobile app to collect, store and manage data on all its customers. They are also updating all their plans for 2016.They’ve created an entire shopping experience for the customer without the need to wait in line. They obtain important data for the brand: the order, where the purchase was made, the time of the order and the customer’s name.They then use this data to give the customer a personalized treatment, send messages on their birthday, send the customer promotions depending on their tastes in products, recommendations of the day, etc.

  2. Chatbots are of utmost importance for your brand, increasing by 92% between 2019 and 2020.Beauty brand Sephora was an early adopter of AI. They started using a chatbot to give beauty tips on Kik in 2017.

    Sephora’s chatbot helped consumers narrow down choices, starting with a questionnaire about their product preferences. Product preferences are especially useful in the cosmetics industry, where the options can be overwhelming and difficult to shop without trying them in person, plus women can take as much time as they want shopping for cosmetics .

    Sephora gained valuable information from its chatbot and saw enough engagement from that experiment that it has since launched more chatbots on Messenger.



Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and continuing changing the technological world as we know it in a silent but fast way. Having a breakthrough in the way humans relate to machines and machines to humans and improving the performance of managing data obtained.

Personalizing the treatment with customers according to their needs, improving the experience with them, and exploring new measures of connection results in a significant increase in conversions. All these are thanks to the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing.

Are you ready for what the future holds?


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